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What's at risk?

Every casino relies on a small group of VIP guests to provide the vast majority of its revenue. But keeping those VIPs loyal from year to year is difficult for a variety of reasons — including recruitment by competitor casinos. In fact, about 40% of VIP guests in one year reduce their play by at least half in the following year. That's about 18-25% of your total casino revenue lost every year to VIP defectors and decliners, even for casinos who are growing overall. Great hosts, with the right tools and training, can reverse or eliminate some of that outflow and bring huge chunks of revenue back to your casino.
About Keep My VIPs

We provide the technology and the data to allow you be the best host you can be

Great hosts know, and converse with, all of the players in their book. But attempting that task without a strategy can be overwhelming. Keep My VIPs lets you remain efficient by directing you to the right guests at all times. See a live inventory of your players on the floor right now, who's winning and losing, who just arrived and who's been there for a while.

Most importantly, behind the scenes, Keep My VIPs is constantly analyzing the gaming history of every high-value guest, using AI, pattern matching, and machine learning. We predict which players' visitation and spend will soon start to decline, or already have. But by intervening early, you can give yourself the best chance to reverse any negative trends.

VIPs Require Relationships

Big Data is the wrong approach for top-tier players

Reliance on marketing automation, databases and decision science has convinced some marketers that the optimal approach to engage customers can be determined through algorithms. While this may be reasonably effective for segments of tens of thousands of low-spend, infrequent guests, attempting to market to VIP customers with a consensus approach ensures you'll miss the mark.

Keep My VIPs uses technology to help hosts understand each player's unique history, allowing them to take individual approaches to individual guests. Instead of aggregating or averaging the preferences of your most important customers, Keep My VIPs encourages hosts to treat each of their customers as a unique person with specific preferences.

Work Flow

We'll save you a ton of wasted time every week, by providing you with the best customer prospects and a full view of their history with your casino. You can spend your time interacting with guests, not your frustrating CMS. That extra personal touch can help win back guests who are shifting play to one of your competitors.

Get Notified

Receive small, manageable lists of declining players weekly or bi-weekly, with comprehensive gaming histories on each.

Be Proactive

Don't wait for a customer complaint. Armed with information, you can build upon your relationship to determine if, and why, each player is unsatisfied.

Grow Revenues

Certainly, not every declining customer can be revived. But occasional wins add up quickly. It only takes the renewal of loyalty from a few high-value players to make noticeable differences to your bottom line.

IT Integration

The technology powering Keep My VIPs enhances your existing data infrastructure, it does not replace or modify it.


No cloud services. No data leaves your property. Our servers are physically placed at your site and join your internal network.

Data Immutability

Read-only connections to existing data sources -- your CMS, and if applicable, data warehouse. Keep My VIPs never makes changes to source.

Access Control

Easily give access to new users when they're hired and just as easy, remove access when they leave.

Platform Agnostic

Windows and Mac today. iOS and Android coming soon. You choose whether remote, offsite access is enabled or not.

User Focus


Keep My VIPs is attractively priced, especially compared to enterprise analytics platforms. Our model virtually assures that you'll see multiple-x ROI within the first year, often within 6 months.

Easy Onboarding

Keep My VIPs requires almost no training to use or master. Most users are fully up to speed after a brief overview of features.

Handles Real-Life

People move around, and Keep My VIPs understands. Easily enable a colleague to cover your players when you're out of office. Or allow hosts to work as partners or teams, with multiple people covering a segment of guests.